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Mik + One Podcast

Nothing is off the record as Mik sits down with industry leading guests and delves into how they deliver value and drive digital transformations in their organizations.

Conversations with leaders and innovators on moving from project to product.

Mik + One captures conversations with software delivery leaders and shares their stories journeys of introducing transformative ideas for delivering software at scale. 


Episode 21


Joining Mik on this episode of Mik + One is David Anderson, Director of Technology, Liberty IT. In this episode, Mik and David talk removing “undifferentiated heavy lifting” from the work environment, creating “two-way door” architecture for flexibility and flow, shifting away from traditional IT to partner-enabling technology, and more.

Episode 20


Joining Mik on this episode of Mik + One is Justin Watts, Director of Agile Change at Lloyds Banking Group one of the UK’s Big Four banks.

Episode 19


Joining Mik on this episode of Mik + One is Peter D. Moore, a business and digital technology strategy advisor specializing in helping companies manage for exponential revenue, margin and net income growth.

Episode 18


On this episode of Mik + One, Mik is joined by Bryon Kroger, Founder and CEO of Rise8, and former co-founder and COO of the USAF’s Kessel Run. Discussion points include the remarkable story of Project Kessel Run at the U.S. Airforce, adopting a “think big, start small” strategy to software transformation, avoiding the Lean trap and alignment trap, and more.

Episode 17


Joining Mik on this episode of Mik + One is John Willis, Senior Director of the Global Transformation Office at Red Hat. In this episode, Mik and John discuss embracing failure for continual learning, Flow Metrics as the next evolution of software delivery measurement, and more.

Episode 16


In this episode, Mik is joined by two guests: Dr. Nicole Forsgren, VP of Research & Strategy at GitHub, and Dr. Denae Ford Robinson, Senior Researcher in the SAINTes group at Microsoft Research.

Episode 15


Joining Mik in this episode of Mik + One is Adrian Cockcroft, VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services. In this episode, Mik and Adrian provide concrete advice on moving ahead in the digital world, and cover many key discussion points including product-centred innovation, feedback loops and Flow Time.

Episode 14


In this episode of Mik + One, Mik’s guest is Heather Munoz, Head of Retail Brokerage Practice, E*TRADE. With extensive experiences in leading Software Development practices for financial technology organizations over the last 25+ years, Heather is passionate about building great teams with strong focus on trust, transparency and changing the way development and product work together.

Episode 13: Part 2


In this episode of Mik + One, Mik continues the conversation with Don Reinertsen. The second part of this two-part special includes discussions around assessing the reserve buoyancy of a project, using loss of safety margin as a leading indicator of project deterioration, and becoming more rigorous about how we think about technical debt.

Episode 12: Part 1


In the twelfth Mik + One, Mik sits down with Don Reinertsen, President of Reinertsen & Associates, a product development consulting firm located in Redondo Beach, CA, and Author of three best-selling books on product development: Developing Products in Half the TimeManaging the Design Factory: A Product Developer’s Toolkit; and The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development.

Episode 11


In this episode of Mik + One, the official Project to Product podcast, Mik is joined by Dominica DeGrandis, Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop and Author of “Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow.”

Episode 10


Recorded at the 2019 annual SEACON conference in London, Mik has two special guests, Matthew Skelton and Manuel Pais, authors of Team Topologies: Organizing Business and Technology Teams for Fast Flow.

Episode 9


Recorded at the annual 2019 SEACON Conference in London, in this episode Mik’s plus one is Jon Smart, Partner, Business Agility at Deloitte. Mik and Jon cover a variety of topics including the value and importance of focusing on ‘Better Value, Sooner, Safer, Happier’, the importance of focusing on outcome instead of output, and team incentivisation to reduce silos across the value stream.

Episode 8


In the eighth episode of Mik + One, the official Project to Product podcast, Mik’s guest is Dean Leffingwell, Co-founder and Chief Methodologist at Scaled Agile. In this episode, Mik and Dean cover everything from SAFe 5.0 and the importance of having business agility, to abandoning organizational hierarchies, to the importance of focusing on outcome-based metrics, and more.

Episode 7


In the seventh episode of Mik + One, Mik’s guest is Dave West, CEO and Product Owner of Scrum.org. In this episode, key discussions include how traditional enterprises can be successful in the digital age, the importance of placing small bets, and the main things that large organizations can act on now to deliver value.

Episode 6


Joining Mik for the sixth episode of Mik + One is Sam Guckenheimer, Product Owner for Azure DevOps at Microsoft, and a regular keynote speaker at industry-wide events, and the author of four fantastic books.

Episode 5


In this episode of Mik + One, Mik’s guest is Shelley Perry, Managing Partner & Founder of ScaleLogix, and who has immense experience setting tech companies up for success.

Episode 4


In honor of International Women’s Day 2020, Mik is joined by three incredible women within the industry: Gail Murphy, Tasktop Co-Founder, and Professor of Computer Science and VP of Research and Innovation at the University of British Columbia, Nicole Bryan, Vice President of Product Development at Tasktop; and Naomi Lurie, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Tasktop.

Episode 3


In another fantastic episode, Mik’s plus one is Dr. Carlota Perez, author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages. In this episode, Mik and Carlota discuss where we are in the Turning Point of the Technological Revolution, the challenges of achieving the Golden Age, what Carlota is currently working on, and more.

Episode 2: Part 2


In the second episode of Mik + One, Mik continues the conversation with Gene Kim, best-selling author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, as well as co-author of The DevOps Handbook for the second part of their discussion on The Unicorn Project and The Five Ideals. This episode provides a deeper insight into The Third Ideal: Improvement of Daily Work, The Fourth Ideal: Psychological Safety, and the Fifth Ideal: Customer Focus.

Episode 1: Part 1


In the first episode of Mik + One, Mik sits down with Gene Kim, best-selling author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, as well as co-author of The DevOps Handbook. In part one of this special two-part episode, Mik and Gene talk about Gene’s journey, and how it led to The Unicorn Project, the profound wisdom of the First Ideal: Locality and Simplicity, and the Second Ideal: Focus, Flow and Joy.

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