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Here you will find a curation of essential blog posts Mik has written on the project to product shift.

The best of Project to Product blog posts​

Flow Framework Catalyst

Since publishing Project to Product at the end of 2018, one of my biggest frustrations has been seeing organizations investing….. Read More

The Turning Point

The pandemic affects everyone. Understanding previous technological revolutions will focus your digital strategy and help you…. Read More


At Tasktop, our mission is to help enterprises and governments catalyze the shift from Project to Product, enabling them to….. Read More


Since the publication of Project to Product a year ago, it has been wonderful to witness the impact that the…..Read More


A year ago Gene Kim and I were sitting at a bar in Detroit, discussing the Gemba Walk that we….. Read More


Today marks one year since Project to Product was published. The book details my journey from empathizing with the frustrations….. Read More


To enable your teams to build great software, start by identifying and empowering your Value Stream Architect. The Age of….. Read More

project to product vsm plane
This blog was originally posted on the IT Revolution blog on December 18, 2018. Project to Product tells a story of what we….. Read More