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Solution To Help Your Digital Organization Succeed In Your Project To Product Journey

Find the right solution to help your digital organization succeed in your Project to Product journey.

The Flow Framework®

The Flow Framework® is used by many of the Global 2000 as the blueprint for successful value stream management. Introduced in Project to Product, the Flow Framework is designed to help traditional businesses master software at scale and survive the next decade of digital disruption. 

Implementing the Flow Framework is made easy through Tasktop’s Value Stream Management Platform, or by engaging with a Flow Partner.

Value Stream Management Platform

The Tasktop Value Stream Management Platform plugs into your organization and sits on top of the tools you’ve chosen to get work done. With just a few clicks, it overlays the end-to-end value stream to provide the abstractions, automations, visualizations and diagnostics you need to align your product value streams on a daily basis. Regardless of where you are on your project to product journey, Tasktop will help establish where you are today, and – maybe more importantly – the right next steps to make the journey as painless as possible.

Scale SAFe, Agile and DevOps to the entire business with our partner driven solutions

Flow partners are helping organizations deliver value stream management success. By leveraging the Flow Framework as a prescriptive approach to facilitate project to product thinking and drive customer success, partners like Cprime, Agile Rising and Springbach Consulting are taking SAFe, Agile and DevOps consulting services to new levels.