About the Book

“Every now and then, a body of work comes along with such timely precision that you think hallelujah! Mik’s book Project to Product is the perfect antidote for those businesses struggling with digital transformation, broken Agile implementations, and the onslaught of enterprise disruption.”

—Fin Goulding, International CIO at Aviva and co-author of Flow and 12 Steps to Flow

“My newest favorite book. I think I can see a bit more of the future from here. Great work Mik!”

—Dean Leffingwell, Creator of the Scaled Agile Framework, and co-founder of Scaled Agile, Inc.

“Organizing software development as a group of loosely connected projects will never lead to good products. Kersten explains how to tie work products to value streams corresponding to features, defects, security, and (technical) debt….A major contribution to the theory of management in the age of software.”

—Carliss Y. Baldwin, William L. White Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, Emerita, and co-author of Design Rules, Volume 1: The Power of Modularity

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Social Mission of Project to Product

All author royalties will be donated to the P2P scholarship and not-for-profit organizations supporting diversity, women, and minorities in technology